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Postdoctoral Training Opportunity – Neural Circuitry Behavioral Research in the Li Laboratory
We are actively seeking highly motivated postdoctoral candidates who are enthusiastic about applying cutting-edge systems techniques to investigate the role of neuropeptidergic circuits in valence processing, stress, and substance use. Ideal candidates should possess a background in systems neuroscience and strong communication skills.
Prior experience with in vivo recording and computational analysis would be a big plus.

Graduate students
--- Prospective students should apply directly to the NUIN PhD Program. If you are already enrolled in the program and are interested in conducting rotations in my lab, please reach out to Hao Li directly.

Undergradate volunteers --- We are looking for undergradate students who are interested in systems/behavioral neuroscience. Please contact Hao Li.
Preferred candidates should have previous experience working with mice or a background in Matlab or Python.

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